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PROFOAM'S RPF -1.8 is a low viscosity, two component, rigid polyurethane spray-foam system designed for insulating wall foam applications. It has a Class I ASTM E84 flame rating and is processed by most commercially available, air- less, two component, heat controlled, urethane spray equipment. This system yields excellent coverage with a very smooth surface.


“A” Component  
Viscosity, 74°F; cps. ASTM D-1638


Physical State Liquid
Color Dark Brown
Hygroscopicity reacts with water and evolves CO2 gas

“B” Component  
Viscosity, 74°F; cps. ASTM D-1638 185
Physical State Liquid
Color Dark Brown
Hygroscopicity absorbs water which changes ratio

(100 grams, 74°F. Sample)
Cream Time, seconds 2
Tack Free Time, seconds 7
Rise Time, seconds 20
Free Rise Density, lbs/ft3 1.55

A-component Temp. 120°F minimum
B-component Temp. 120°F minimum
Hose Temp. 120°F minimum
Hydraulic Pressure 1000 psi

Density, core; lbs/ft3
–ASTM D-1622 @ 74°F
Typical Yield 3.35 ft2/lb @ 2.0" thick
Compressive strength
—ASTM D-1621 @ 74°F.,
parallel to rise, minimum psi
k — Factor, initial; BTU-in/hr-ft2 - °F
—ASTM C-177 @ 74°F
0.135 – 0.145
Closed cell content:
% – ASTM D-1940 @ 74°F
Burning Characteristics (Ref #EB01201,
Report #01-02058)
Flame Spread Index
Smoking Developed 400

Parts by volume (total mix 100 parts)
Compound A 50 parts
Compound B 50 parts
Parts by weight (total mix 100 parts)  
Compound A 51 parts
Compound B 49 parts

Since Seller exercises no control over Buyers application or use of the product manufactured by Seller (“product”) and since materials used with the product may vary, it is understood that:
(a) There are no warranties, express or implied, including any war- ranties for merchantability or for any particular purpose.

(b) While all data presented in Sellers’ technical data sheet is based on the best information available to Seller and believed correct, such data is not to be construed as a warranty that the product will conform to such specifications. Such technical data sheets are subject to change without notice.

(c) Reported laboratory test results of fire retardancy in no way relates to the actual performance under fire conditions. Since all urethane systems are organic, they will burn.

(d) Reported laboratory test results of the color stability in no way relates to the actual performance upon exposure to light sources. Since all aromatic urethanes experience color degradation upon ultraviolet light exposure, Seller shall not be liable for any dam- ages resulting from ultraviolet light color degradation of any aromatic urethane systems manufactured or sold by Seller.

(e) The liability of the Seller shall not exceed the purchase price and the Buyer shall not be entitled to nor the Seller by liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages resulting in any manner from the furnishings of the product.

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