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The following are some videos we've put together to help give you a better idea of what we do.  One video is about 30 seconds long and is just video (no audio).  The other one is an 8 minute long video (with audio) which goes into much greater detail as to what our product is and what the benefits of using it are.  In order to view these videos, you must be on a high-speed connection such as cable or DSL.

To start the videos, simply click on the "play" buttons.  The "play" buttons are the small triangle icons.  If you are unable to load the videos from within this browser, click here to load the 30-second video or click here to load the 8-minute long video outside of this window.

Video 1 (1 minute Video-Only Presentation)

Video 2 (8-minute Video and Audio Presentation)


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Alpine Foam
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